Best AM3+ CPU Cooler – Work with a cool processor in 2020

Best AM3+ CPU Cooler

A CPU can only perform to the best of its ability if it is cool and composed, much like us! A heated CPU, on the other hand, doesn’t just perform badly. The heat has the potential to ruin the entire system altogether. Thankfully, it is quite easy to avoid this. Your job, while buying the best processor, is also to buy the best cooler. If you have an AM3+, you are in luck. In this article, we are going to pen down the best AM3+ CPU coolers in the market today. This highly researched list will help you buy the right one without investing more time researching online.

Let’s jump straight in, then, and explore what options the market has to offer today:

Best AM3+ CPU Cooler

1. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO AM3+ CPU Cooler 

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU CoolerThe Cooler Master CPU cooler for AM3+ is among the most popular options today. It has thousands of amazing reviews, which have helped it become Amazon’s Choice as well. Now, why is it so sought after?  Why must you choose it? Its highlights have all the answers:

  • There are 4 types for you to choose from. They are 2 heat pipes, 4 heat pipes, vapor chamber, and copper base. The Hyper 212 EVO model comes with 4 heat pipes.
  • The airflow it offers is 82.9 CFM.
  • The noise level is 36 decibels, which is incredibly low.
  • The fan and heat sink are quite small and compact but very effective.
  • It provides well-balanced cooling, especially during high and low-speed usage.
  • It uses the CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) technology to connect the heat pipes. This technology creates an excellent surface for the conduction of heat.
  • The fan has a unique wave-shaped blade that facilitates better airflow than usual.
  • The fan’s life expectancy is 40,000 hours.


2. Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4  CPU Cooler

Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU CoolerHere’s another Amazon’s Choice product and we are sure its name says it all! It has been designed to be a quiet but effective CPU cooler for AM3+ and many other Intel and AMD processors. Why must you go for this one? Read on to find out:

  • The manufacturers claim that it has 2 virtually silent PWN fans. Even at its highest speed, the sound reaches only 24.3 decibels. So, they will be doing their job in the background without disturbing you one bit!
  • The front-fan has a funnel-shaped frame that facilitates high air pressure.
  • The cooler comes with 7 copper heat pipes that are known for their superior performance.
  • The cooling fins are optimized for good airflow.
  • You can install the cooler with ease by mounting it from above.
  • Even while using the CPU to its maximum power, it will remain cool.
  • Even though it comes only with 2 fans, its design allows the installation of another one, if you need it.


3. Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B AM3+ CPU Cooler

Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B CPU CoolerWhen we told you that we would give you the best AM3+ CPU coolers to choose from, we weren’t lying! The third one on our list is just as good as the others, and in some aspects even better. That’s why even Amazon has given it its mark of approval. Below are a few of its standout features:

  • It has a spring-loaded mounting system that makes it very easy to install and use.
  • The fan measures 120 mm and is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan. This feature is excellent for better airflow and high pressure. 
  • The manufacturers have given it an extra clip so that you add one more clip if needed.
  • Even if there are tall heat sinks, you don’t have to worry. This CPU cooler can accommodate them all.
  • It has been specifically designed to be asymmetric so that access to memory banks is smooth.
  • Whether you want to overclock your CPU or use it for mainstream work, the cooler will take care of all your needs.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD processors.


4. Noctua NH-D15 Chromax AM3+ CPU Cooler 

Noctua NH-D15 Chromax CPU Cooler This may be a new release, but it is already giving stiff competition to its established counterparts. It is a premium heat sink that satisfies functionality and aesthetic needs. Let’s find out more:

  • It has a dual-tower design that’s extra wide to accommodate 6 heat pipes and 2 fans. 
  • It is amazingly silent!
  • If you are looking to overclock your CPU, this cooler should be among your first choices.
  • It comes with a high-end NT-H1 thermal paste and a mounting system that aid easy installation and usage.
  • It has NF-A15 fans with PWM that controls speed and low-noise adapters.
  • In single fan mode, you can enjoy diverse RAM compatibility. In dual fan mode, though, you will need to use a standard RAM. 
  • Customize the cooler by choosing any of the available color schemes!


5. Cooler Master GeminII SS24 Version 2 CPU Air Cooler

Cooler Master GeminII SS24 Version 2 CPU Air CoolerHere’s another good CPU cooler from Cooler Master, especially if you are looking for a budget buy. It is cheaper than all our recommendations but has good features such as the following:

  • It has 5 heat pipes that connect directly. This feature of direct contact ensures optimal thermal transfer.
  • The airflow you can expect is 65 CFM, and the noise level is around 22 decibels.
  • It has a silence FP fan that measures 120mm. The fan is known for its low noise output and high air pressure. These features help it dissipate heat easily and increase its air movement.
  • It has good memory compatibility and also offers great clearance.
  • It works on the X-vent technology that allows great performance through the 45-degree vents.


It’s time to ensure that your CPU is as cool as you so that you perform tasks and overclock it as per your wishes! Simply pick your favorite from our list and Add to Cart now!

If you have any doubts or questions about any of the products or about AM3+ coolers in general, do not hesitate to let us know. We are always happy to receive comments and questions.

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