Best CPU Water Block: Cool Down the Temperature of Processor

CPU is a brain of the computer. But, when you choose a high performing CPU or overclock it frequently, then it gets heated. Sometimes, such overheating issues affect the performance of the overall system which includes permanent damage too. So, it is an advisable thing to cool down the temperature of the processor to avoid such cases. And the good-quality water cooling blocks are one of the most recommended options to use for that. Here, I am reviewing the most sought CPU water blocks to help you choose the most suitable PC component.

Best CPU Water Block

1) Thermaltake Pacific CL-W139-CU00SW-A RGB CPU Water BlockThermaltake Pacific CL-W139-CU00SW-A RGB CPU Water Block

This product is the all new designed CPU water block from Thermaltake. The Pacific W4 RGB water block offers ultimate cooling performance & superior compatibility.

Specs & features of Thermaltake RGB Water Block for CPU are:

  • Seven beautiful RGB LED lights with controllers provide an attractive look.    
  • It has an anti-corrosion design makes it sturdy and durable.
  • This cooling block has thread ports with sizes of 1/4” and a Molex with 4-pin.
  • It is compatible with AMD and Intel CPU sockets.
  • The 0.15mm micro-channel design delivers extreme cooling & best clearance.
  • It is available in four different sizes and four distinct styles to choose from.


2) EKWB EK-Supremacy EVO CPU Water BlockEKWB EK-Supremacy EVO CPU Water Block

The flagship water block from EK-Supremacy has gone through some uncertain testing environments and provided ultimate results regarding performance. The EKWB EVO is a universal product which can fit into any brand and type of the CPU sockets.

Features and specs of EK-Supremacy EVO CPU Water Block are:

  • The nickel-plated purest copper base design delivers true cooling performance.
  • The top-side of the block has a CNC machined acrylic material.
  • It provides 2.20 C better-cooling output on the top-selling processors like LGA-20xx and LGA-115x.
  • Even if the liquid pump is weaker in design, you can use this water block on it thanks to the low hydraulic high-flow structure.
  • You can even tune it more in-depth with the integrated heat spreader of the processor with the help of different jets and inserts.


3) Yobett Aluminum Water Cooling Blocks for CPUYobett Aluminum Water Cooling Blocks for CPU

From Yobett, you will get this efficient processor cooling block which is powered by VvW advanced technology. Try this water block on the processor to cool it down in the overclocking conditions, and I am sure you will not regret your purchase.

Specs and features of Yobett CPU Water Cooling Block are:

  • It has 0.5mm internal fin thickness and 1mm spacing.
  • The blue oxidation surface treatment delivers industrial grade cooling performance.
  • It has an extrusion forming on the flow channel.
  • The below 5×10-6 mbar.l/s per part leak rate makes it an excellent choice compared to other cooling blocks.
  • It includes a blazing of aluminum which helps to dissipate more heat.
  • This cooling block has a dimension of 41 by 41 by 12 mm.


4) CPU Water Cooling Block by BephaMartCPU Water Cooling Block by BephaMart

The BephaMart designed this water block with the 50mm sized copper base. You can use it with a plethora of processors. It comes with genuinely useful characteristics which will attract many users without any doubts.

Features and specs of BephaMart Water Cooling Block are:

  • It has a diameter of 10mm and a 5mm copper base.
  • The more significant area for water contact removes more heat from the processor compared to other products of the same category.
  • It is compatible with most of the AMD and Intel CPUs.
  • This water block has two copper faucets which are chrome plated.
  • It has a base size of 10.5cm x 5.2cm x 1.5cm.


5) XSPC RayStorm RGB Water Block Version3XSPC RayStorm RGB Water Block Version3

This V3 RGB water block from XSPC has a copper base which dissipates more heat compared to other standard cooling blocks. It is a perfect combination of design, performance, and value for the money product.

Specs and features of RayStorm RGB Water Cooling Block V3 by XSPC are:

  • You can use it with various Intel sockets like LGA1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011/2011-3/2066 and many others.
  • The base has a dimension of 56 by 56 by 3 mm.
  • It has a CNC cut acetal top and G threads of 1/4 inches.
  • This water block comes with a genuinely performing K3 thermal paste and a modern & advanced mounting system.


6) Phanteks PH-C350I_BK C350I RGB LED Water Block for CPUPhanteks PH-C350I_BK C350I RGB LED Water Block for CPU

The PH-C35OI_BL RGB water block has a broader copper base compared to the other branded CPU cooling blocks in the market. This thing leads to the optimal cooling performance as well as healthy operating condition.

Features and specs of Phanteks RGB CPU Water Block are:

  • The internal fin has a 0.15mm size which delivers extreme heat dissipation.
  • The Viton O-r.0ings are military-grade that help to make it resistive against high temperature & some genuinely concentrated liquid.
  • Due to the Viton rubber washers, this cooling block becomes damage-proof at the time of installation and regular use.
  • The RGB LED lighting are carefully selected to provide a luxurious look to the product.
  • An acrylic top, nickel-copper plate, and the sandblasted cover plates create a sturdy yet attractive design.


7) BXQINLENX Aluminum CPU Water Cooling BlockBXQINLENX Aluminum CPU Water Cooling Block

This package of two water cooling blocks from BXQINLENX will deliver enough heat dissipation output to cool down the processors when you get most out of them. You can use both blocks at once (if your motherboard has enough space for that) or can keep one as a replacement.

Features and specs of the CPU Water Block from BXQINLENX are:

  • The aluminum built provides optimal cooling performance.
  • It comes with a graphics radiator heat sink which dissipates more heat than other standard cooling blocks.
  • The internal fin has a thickness of 0.5mm, and it has 1mm spacing.
  • It processes on the vacuum aluminum brazing and has the blue oxidation for the surface treatment.
  • Each block has a dimension of 40 by 40 by 12 mm.


Cool down your processor now

The different brands of water blocks have different connecting capabilities (horizontally and vertically). The direction depends on the motherboard layout and other component placements. But one thing for sure is that the water cooling block will surely help you to dissipate more heat from the processor and thus maintain it cool during the extended use, especially at the time of overclocking.

Which CPU are you using? Do you have any favorites among the water cooling blocks mentioned here? Let the world know about your choice. Hit the comment section below.

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