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Best Fanless CPU Cooler

A passive CPU cooler is a type of external cooling system for the processor in which fan is not installed. Instead, it involves only a heat sink. Here, I have reviewed the most sought passive CPU coolers available on the market today. Check them and buy your suitable product.

If you are a regular computer user, then you may know that the CPU gets heated while you use your PC. If you overclock your processor or use it for extended periods, then the CPU may face overheating issues. Though the most computer systems come with an inbuilt cooling system like fans and heatsinks, you need some external resources in such scenarios.

You can always use cooling fans for CPU, but they make noise and can disturb you in work or gameplay. If you want to build a silent PC, then a fanless CPU cooler can help you in a significant way.

Best Fanless CPU Coolers

1) ARCTIC Alpine 11 Silent Passive CPU Cooler

ARCTIC Alpine 11Build your silent PC using the Arctic Alpine passive fanless cooler for CPU. It comes with a 4-pin connector which will fit easily in your system. It has a stellar & easily moddable build, yet available at affordable price.

Specs & features of Arctic Alpine 11 Passive CPU Cooler are:

  • It does not come with a fan so that it will provide a silent operation on your PC.
  • It is compatible with all Intel processors with up to 47 watts of power.
  • Though it is a fanless cooler, it is powerful enough to cool down your processor in extreme temperature situations.
  • It does not require frequent maintenance and cleaning due to fanless build.
  • This CPU cooler is easy & quick to install thanks to its pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste.
  • It has dimensions of 3.7 x 3.7 x 2.7 inches and a weight of 1.1 lbs. Which helps you to place it on the motherboard quite comfortably.
  • It comes with a 6-year massive company warranty.


2) NoFan CR-80EH Fanless CPU Cooler

NoFan CR-80EHI have to mention the CR-80EH fanless CPU cooler due to its unique, bucket-like shape. This interesting design attracted many users to use it in their systems. But, that is not the only reason to include it in this list. This copper made cooling component contains ICE pipes which are impressively effective in reducing the heat from the CPU.

Features and specs of CR-80EH Silent CPU Cooler are:

  • It is compatible with almost all the standard CPUs with up to 80 Watts at bay.
  • It is 133mm high and 155mm wide which make it fit on your motherboard comfortably. Only make sure that it does not interfere with the RAM & graphics slots if you have mini-ITX or micro-ATX boards.
  • A lightweight 300 grams heatsink is installed on this cooler with an applied thermal paste.
  • Even if you are using the external CPU cooler for the first time, you can install this component on your system due to its pre-attached mounting kit.
  • The bucket-shape design covers the larger surface area to vanish as much heat as possible.


3) Silverstone Technology HE02 Tek Heligon Passive CPU Cooler

Silverstone Technology HE02If you want a combination of performance and silence of work from a cooling system, then go for the HE02 passive (fanless) CPU cooler from Silverstone Technology. It comes with six heat pipes, and a big aluminum made heatsink to dissipate a significant amount of heat at once.  

Specs and features of HE02 Silverstone Technology Passive Cooler for CPU are:

  • It works perfectly with the processors up to 150 Watts (with fan) and 95 Watts (without fan).
  • This passive cooler has asymmetric design makes it compatible across multiple platforms of Intel and AMD.
  • It is built with copper (at the base) and aluminum (in heat pipes) material.
  • The fins have well design that the noise gets minimal while the air passes through the heatsink.
  • It has a smaller design and lightweight build which means it will not acquire much space in your CPU chassis.
  • The thick powder in the six heat pipes of 6mm size helps to provide superior cooling performance.


4) ARCTIC Alpine M1 Whisper Quiet CPU Cooler

ARCTIC Alpine M1The Alpine M1 from the Arctic will provide optimal cooling performance on your processor. Even if you are using the power eating AM1 socket from AMD, it will provide efficient heating dissipation.

Features and specs of Alpine M1 Passive CPU Cooler by the Arctic are:

  • It has a quick and easy installation due to the mounting kit.
  • This passive cooler works perfectly with the processors of up to 35 Watts.
  • As it does not come with an inbuilt fan, so it does not collect dust. You will not need to maintain or clean it frequently.
  • Even though it is powerful and efficient, it provides completely silent performance.
  • It comes with 6-year manufacturer warranty allows you to have a hassle-free purchase.


5) Dynatron K618 Socket 1156 Passive CPU Cooler

Dynatron K618 SocketThis silent performing cooler from Dynatron provides efficient cooling for the CPUs with the power of up to 95 Watts. If you are facing the overheating issues on your PC and looking for a passive cooling solution for it, then get the K618 which is powerful enough to fulfill your needs.

Specs and features of Dynatron K618 Passive Cooler for CPU are:

  • Due to the fanless build, it provides silent performance even at the time of overclocking conditions.
  • The base is made with copper which helps to transfer as much heat as possible.
  • It contains stacked fin with heat pipes made with the aluminum material.
  • The high-quality thermal paste comes as pre-applied to let you use the passive cooler right out of the box.
  • It is compatible with almost all the Intel and AMD processors.


Comparision of Fanless CPU Coolers

 ARCTIC Alpine 11 PassiveSilverstone Tek Heligon HE02Dynatron K618
Watts of Power479595
Compatible ProcessorsIntelIntel and AMDIntel and AMD
Material UsedAluminum
Copper & AluminumCopper & Aluminum
Warranty6 year1 year1 year

Will CPU have a Fan Free Future?

Before a few years ago, it was not possible to build a completely silent computer system. But, today’s new generation design of the CPU offers more efficient performance while providing the noiseless working environment. And with the help of the passive coolers like mentioned above, it is now possible to make your CPU passive.

There are many powerful workstations are already out there which are having fanless exotic passive cooling solutions. So, the future of the CPU will surely be the passive (fanless), but it will require completely compatible specifications in your system. It also will become costly to make a silent PC at initial stages.

The Benefits of Having a Passive CPU Cooler

There are certain advantages of building a fanless CPU cooler which can attract many enthusiasts for making silent PCs:

  • It will provide zero noise (passive) operation
  • You will not have to maintain or clean it as it will not absorb dust.
  • No power consumption will happen.
  • It will offer vibration-less operation even at the time of overclocking.

Final Words

Only getting a passive CPU cooler does not mean that you can build a silent PC. There are other components which need to be upgraded to getting a quiet environment while you work or play. Surely the external cooling solution like this acquires some extra space in the chassis, and sometimes the user can find it difficult to install the fanless cooler on their mainboards due to the conjunction of other components. But, if you can deal with all such small things, then it is recommended to get a fanless CPU cooler without any doubts.

Share your thoughts on the article here. You can also share your experience with the passive coolers if you have used them.

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