Best Liquid Cooler for 8700K – Get The Finest CPU Coolers of 2019

best liquid cooler for 8700k

Our era has the most powerful processors yet. With growing expectations and the need for top-notch performance, there is no room for average processors. Everyone wants the high-end ones that help them work and engage in gaming like never before.

However, with powerful processors comes the need to keep them cool at all times. Otherwise, they will overheat and burn out very quickly. That’s literally all your money going up in smoke! In order to avoid this kind of frustration later on, you should invest in the best liquid cooler. In this article, we are going to review a few of our favorite ones for 8700K because it is one of the most popular processors out there. Let’s start without ado:

Best Liquid Cooler for 8700K

1. CORSAIR HYDRO Series H115i PRO RGB Liquid Cooler

_H115i PRO RGB

This is not just a liquid cooler. It is a dynamic, multicolored cooler with so many features that you will be spellbound right from the get go. No wonder why it has hundreds of great reviews online! What sets the cooler apart? We find out here:

  • It runs on CORSAIR iCue software, which is quite powerful.
  • It has multicolored LED lighting that you can adjust however you want.
  • You can also adjust the fan speeds at various times.
  • The cooler is powered by Magnetic Levitation thanks to which you can expect incredible airflow and less noise. In fact, even at its highest speed, the fan only products 25 dB of noise.
  • It also has a zero RPM mode. This means that the fan will stop completely when the temperature is low. You won’t have to bear the noise under these circumstances.
  • It is compatible with multiple Intel and AMD sockets, but we recommend that you confirm that you have the socket before making the purchase.


2. EVGA CLC 240mm RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler

EVGA CLC 240mm

Through our reviews and comparisons, we always strive to help you make the best choice. That’s why you will see that all our recommendations have a few Amazon’s Choice and bestselling products. The EVGA CLC liquid cooler for CPU is one such example. It is a popular model with astounding features that we will talk about below:

  • It has a 240mm dual fan radiator.
  • The unique EVGA fan design ensures less noise with top performance.
  • The fan comes with a software suite to help you manage the cooler’s flow control.
  • The airflow you can expect is up to 74.82 CFM.
  • It works well with many Intel and AMD sockets.
  • It has RGB LED lighting that lets you select your color of choice.
  • It has sleeved tubing from the radiator to the CPU block.


3. NZXT Kraken X62 280mm – RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken X62 280mm

We bring you another Amazon’s Choice product – the NZRT Kraken X62. It gives you features such as complete control, low noise, and extended tubing. All these are proof that this is an amazing liquid cooler for your 8700K. Still not convinced? Keep reading!

  • It has an infinity mirror design with amazing lighting options for you.
  • It provides superior cooling without annoying you with too much noise.
  • It uses CAM that helps you make quick changes and manage the performance through your mobile app or your desktop!
  • It has excellent radiator fans for liquid cooling like never before.
  • The tubing has fine nylon sleeves for added protection and strength.
  • It is highly durable and comes with a superb warranty of 6 years.


4. Cooler Master Liquid ML240R RGB Liquid Cooler

ML240R Addressable

How can we ignore the Cooler Master in a discussion about the best liquid cooler for 8700k? Cooler Master has always impressed us with some of the best models out there, and it doesn’t disappoint this time either. Let’s learn about it right now:

  • It has a pump and addressable RGB fans. You can choose the color of your choice with the CM Plus software program.
  • It comes with a 1-to-3 addressable RGB splitter cable so that you use multiple fans with ease.
  • The package also includes an addressable RGB controller, which comes handy if you have a non-RGB motherboard.
  • The noise will never go beyond 30 dBA. The lowest level is almost silent at 6 dBA.
  • It has sleeved FEB tubing for added flexibility and durability.
  • The pump is light and resistant to corrosion and oxidation.


5. NZXT RL KRS52 5/240mm PC Fan Cooler

NZXT RL KRS52 5/240mm

If you are looking for a reliable yet relatively inexpensive liquid cooler, you will like the NZXT RL Fan Cooler. This liquid cooling system will get the job done just right and allow you to use your PC without issues. Let’s learn of its features now:

  • It has an endless mirror design.
  • The operation is sophisticated but very simple to understand, enabling you to take complete control of your cooling system.
  • You can enjoy a dynamic lighting experience with this one!
  • It has a radiator optimized fan that makes it really purposeful.
  • It has reinforced extended hoses.
  • It works with multiple sockets for Intel and AMD but we recommend that you check compatibility to be on the safe side.


We understand it is difficult to put your finger on the best liquid cooler for 8700K because of the number of options and features available on the market today. We hope our article made the process easy for you. If you know of any other liquid cooler that’s amazing, please let us know so that we add it to our list.

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