How to Remove Thermal Paste from CPU – Try All Methods in Proper Way

How to Remove Thermal Paste

Thermal paste or thermal pad is used to cool down your CPU and placed between the heat sink and processor chip. It is essential to get away with the old thermal paste as it can lessen the heat sink cooling performance. All the thermal properties get shattered on removing the heatsink from the processor, and you cannot reuse the original thermal paste. The thermal paste gets hard or dried due to the following reasons-

  1. Since how long it has been applied for, or
  2. For years there has been an increase in temperature.

Both these points show that good thermal paste has become hard or dried and now it’s time to get it removed.

The correct operation is possible only when the processor and heatsink are clean and new thermal paste is smeared to the processor.

How to Remove Thermal Paste

To get the relevant answer of this query you can go through the guidelines mentioned below-

  • First of all, remove the heatsink and then use the brush to clean the dust present in the vents.
  • Use a spudger or dry cloth or the paper towel to remove the old paste.
  • Wet coffee filters or lint-free cloths with the alcohol or a thermal paste remover and then use it to moisturize the old paste so that it can be easily removed.
  • You can use microfiber cloth and alcohol to clean off thermal paste. Make sure that the concentration of alcohol must be higher to enjoy better results.
  • Avoid using toilet paper as it can leave fibers which can obstruct heat transfer. You can use the paper towel which will serve better than toilet paper.
  • Use the dry cloth to wipe out the surface and then directly apply the alcohol to the fabric which will help you in removing the TIM.
  • Perform mopping action on the paper towel or tissue paper to remove the old grease from the processor and heatsink.
  • The isopropyl alcohol (90%+) will work great to take out the old thermal paste. The q-tip dipped in the alcohol can remove the significant portion of it.

All these tips will assist you by making you aware regarding how to clean off thermal paste. While applying the tips make sure that for quick dry you use the higher level of alcohol which in turn will not leave the residue. Paper towel is not highly recommendable as it may leave lint. In an outward direction, you can rub it with the help of the clean cloth. Keep repeating the process unless and until it becomes free from lint, hair, dust, and fingerprints too.

Remember one thing that on drying the paste you have to remove the thermal paste. You can also use some thermal paste alternatives to cool down your processor. At times you can replace it. If you perform the cleaning task efficiently, then it will shine in the same way you bought it from the market. After getting the perfect finish, you apply new thermal paste. The tips of removing the thermal paste are easy and simple.

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