Thermal Paste Alternatives: Check Household Substitutes

Thermal Paste Alternatives

To fill the minute flaws between CPU and the heat sink you make use of thermal paste so that CPU can properly cool down. Many users take help of thermal paste alternatives to carry out their work smoothly. In this article, you will get information about thermal paste substitute which will guide you in making the thermal paste at home. For thermal paste alternative, the items you need are as follows-

Toothpaste (mint or cold fluoride), mucaine, Vaseline, baby nappy rash cream and hair wax. Now let’s proceed further to know how to make the household thermal paste.

  • Mix half teaspoon of toothpaste and mucaine in the vacuum-packed container. To enjoy substitute of thermal paste, you can keep it in the fridge.
  • Make use of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and blend it with toothpaste. Now take a syringe to fill it with the mixture and then you conceal it on the heatsink. It will serve you as the great replacement for thermal paste.
  • You can make use of baby nappy rash cream which contains zinc oxide. It will work in a right way if you apply it on the heat sink.
  • The hair wax displays low temperature so you can make use of it as the thermal paste substitute.

All the steps as mentioned above will surely solve your actual thermal paste issue by providing you the substitute for the same. In case you don’t have real thermal paste at home and facing problem in carrying out work correctly then you can make use of these alternatives. Make sure all these substitutes will provide you relieve on temporarily basis. You can test all these products and take advantage of it in the time of emergency. They will serve you for a couple of months as all them have cooling effects. Ultimately for permanent or long term solution, you have to buy actual thermal paste from the market. Before applying real thermal paste, you have to remove the household substitutes of thermal paste. In case you observe stains on removing the homemade thermal paste then use alcohol and cotton wool to get rid of stains.

Is thermal paste necessary?

Thermal paste plays an important role when you install or reinstall a CPU as it transfers the heat between your CPU and cooler. At the time of assemblage of your system, it would be worth if you apply thermal paste to your CPU. It will work as a protective layer in transferring the heat from the heat source to the heat sink by filling the gaps. It will give your system long life of service by keeping it in good condition.

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